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Once incorporated, your business owns a separate and distinct legal status apart from the members or owners.

Incorporating your small company online

When incorporating your small business, the name of your corporation must comply with the rules of your state's corporation division. You should contact your state's office for specific rules, but the following guidelines generally apply.

The name cannot be the same as the name of another corporation on file with the corporations office.

Types of Ownership Structures
Learning about the various types of legal structures available for your business: corporation, LLC, partnership and sole proprietorship. To decide on an ownership structure for your small business, you must learn about how each structure works. Here are the forms of doing business:

sole proprietorship
limited partnership
limited liability company (LLC)
corporation (for-profit)
nonprofit corporation (not-for-profit)

Forming and operating an LLC or a corporation is a bit more complicated and costly, but well worth the trouble for some small businesses. The main benefit of an LLC or a corporation is that these structures limit the owners' personal liability for business debts and court judgments against the business.

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